Half Finished E-liquids

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We are one of the leading ODM e-liquids manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China and the strong flavors support behind more than 300 e-cigs brands.

Combining with the actual needs of the global e-cigarette sales market, we have adopted various flexible products solution for some special buyers who come to us.

  1. For the manufacturers with existing e-liquid processing capabilities, we are able to provide our concentrated flavor products, and they only need to dilute to get our unique formulations.
  2. For buyers who want to avoid the limitation of their policies, we are able to sell them the different components of e-liquids (flavor, PG, VG and nicotine salt) separately according to their needs. If needed, we can cooperate with them together to create the target formulations for their local markets.

Professional E-liquid ODM service for global customers.

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