E-liquids For Disposables

→ MOQ 5 kgs per flavor


→ ODM your unique taste formulation


→ Debug your flavors with your disposable devices


→ Updating the bestselling flavors for your local markets


We are one of the leading ODM e-liquids manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China and the strong flavors support behind more than 300 e-cigs brands.

With the rise of disposable e-cigarettes, we are rapidly growing with a number of well-known global brands, relying on our unique high-quality flavor raw materials and the original DigiPuff flavoring technology, we have created many innovative tastes which hot selling in the markets, and creating a series of phenomenal sales miracles. Because we have signed strict non-disclosure agreements with each brand, you may not get to know us in public easily.

Choose us and contact us, firstly you will get the bestselling flavors list we recommend to you for your local market, then we will use your disposable device to customize the flavors you choose by debugging the juice features delicately to make the e-liquids match your device perfectly and create a super enticing aroma experience, and finally get your own screaming formulations.

If you still do not find a satisfied device for disposable e-cigs or looking for new ones, we will recommend you some qualified and competitive devices manufacturer that cooperates with us long and whose devices match our e-liquids very well.




Professional E-liquid ODM service for global customers.

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